Fabel Spamsources information

How did the IP get on the list?
Someone or something on your network sent us spam. Some network don't maintain good records in whois, so a large netblock including your IP might have been included in our list.

We send abuse complaints to the abuse contact listed in 'whois' for the IP address. If this information is incorrect or we don't get a reasonable response we're much more likely to list an IP block as being unwanted for sending mail to our network.

The list only includes IP addresses, not domain names.
How do I get off the list?
Easy! You can do it yourself on our delisting page.
How long will it take to get delisted?
The DNS list will typically update within 20 minutes.
My server doesn't send email!
Great, you don't have to do anything then.
Is my website listed?
The system only lists IP addresses, never domains and not web sites. It's meant to protect against hosts sending unwanted mail to our users and fabel.dk members.
How can I query the list?
You can query the list with DNS. The DNSBL domain is spamsources.fabel.dk. For non-automated queries you can also use the lookup page.
Why is my server provider being listed?
Many inexpensive "shared hosting" providers are struggling keeping abuse and spam off their networks. This leads to their IP addresses getting listed as potential spam sources. We recommend using a reputable mail service provider for sending email. Some of them are very inexpensive or even free.

Popular mail providers are for example GMail and FastMail. Mail services for sending mails from your website with strong anti-spam processes include SparkPost, MailGun and MailChimp (Fabel doesn't have any relationship with any of these providers, except as occasional users).
How do I use spamsources with SpamAssassin?
Add the following lines to your local.cf (or other SA configuration file), adjusting the score appropriately for your needs.
header RCVD_IN_FABEL rbleval:check_rbl('fabel', 'spamsources.fabel.dk.')
describe RCVD_IN_FABEL Received via a relay in spamsources.fabel.dk
tflags RCVD_IN_FABEL net
score  RCVD_IN_FABEL 4
What are the terms of use?
Spamsources is a free service provided WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY WHATSOEVER.
Email spam at fabel dot dk